Fauna marin Pest Control


Fauna marin Pest Control

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Product Description

PEST CONTROL is an extremely effective disinfecting preparation used against bacterial and parasite infestation on coral. PEST CONTROL is extremely effective against the majority of pathogens and parasites, and is used as a bathing solution.

It does not contain any iodine. Coral is not damaged, and it retains its natural colour.


Basic dosage – put 30 drops of PEST CONTROL in 4 litres of aquarium water and mix thoroughly
Bathe affected creatures in the solution for 15 min, immersing them completely. Parasites gradually start to detach from the coral and can be shaken off. Repeat treatment after 1 week. Please remove all symbionts from the coral before bathing (coral crabs), and after bathing rinse the coral in clean aquarium water and put it back into the aquarium.

Not suitable for use on humans
Keep away from children
Do not use inside the aquarium itself



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